Zero to Dashboard in 12 Weeks

Rapid Quickstart Approach To Deliver An Embedded Analytics Platform

Our Data Intelligence platform comprises of market leading partner solutions, wrapped up by IMGS into a unique single cloud-based platform.

Our approach is to deliver a complete cloud-based analytics platform with full data integration, data warehouse and embedded dashboards, which provide real-time insights inside enterprise solutions and/or customer facing applications.

The whole solution will be delivered within a 12 week period, and supported by IMGS to decrease customer IT overheads and extract real value from data analytics.

Data Intelligence Platform Components


  • The FME Platform gives you the power to make it happen, from bulk data movement (ETL) to quality assurance to data replication, and more.
  • FME Platform is the no code solution that integrates your data so that it flows effortlessly to wherever you need it, whenever you need it. 


  • Business Intelligence Dashboard based on proven templates.
  • Sisense Fusion embedded analytics can be integrated with, customer facing applications to drive revenues.

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