FME Powering Enterprise Dashboards Webinar

In this webinar, step into the world of advanced data visualisation and real-time analytics with FME. Unlock the potential of your data and transform the way your organisation makes decisions.

Build Analytics & Data Driven Experiences into your Product Code using Sisense

This is a comprehensive webinar designed for coders who are eager to build analytics and reporting into their applications. 

This session dives into the capabilities of the Sisense Compose SDK, providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to create bespoke analytics solutions and data driven experiences in your products faster.

Sisense Top Features

New and improved error experience, with 3 level of details, including error code and proposed mitigation so customers can make faster and smarter decisions. For users with larger dashboards, Sisense Acceleration boosts and accelerates performance for “heavy” dashboards.

The new user session management page allows individual users to see all their active sessions and remove themselves from any active sessions under their profile. Self-contained multi-tenancy is a new way for system administrators to manage multiple tenants (or multiple environments) on a single Sisense deployment.

FME Top Features

FME 2023.0 is packed with exciting new capabilities that help organisations improve IT efficiency, enhance team collaboration, gain unrivalled productivity, and drive business growth.

This webinar will provide an overview of the latest features in FME and how they can elevate your business and data to new heights.

Forms and Reporting

This webinar illustrates how Safe Software’s low code FME platform can create data entry forms and reporting tools across all platforms and devices. We demonstrate how FME can be used to create accessible data entry forms for mobile workers. We also show how this mobile data can be analysed using FME in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and html using FME’s advanced reporting tools.

State-of-the-Art Data Governance with DataGalaxy

DataGalaxy are the industry’s first data knowledge catalogue helping organisations understand how their entire business runs on data.   A leader in Europe, growing rapidly and operating worldwide, DataGalaxy offers a user-centric platform dedicated to metadata mapping, active metadata management, and metadata knowledge sharing.  With its innovative approach to data governance and cataloguing, it helps businesses of all sizes gain control over their data assets and make better, more informed decisions. 

DataGalaxy are the latest addition to the DataBuilders Data Intelligence platform and join Safe Software and Sisense to offer a 360-degree, data solution with the ability to scale with you as you grow. This webinar provides an overview of DataGalaxy and how they fit within the DataBuilders Data Intelligence Platform.

Big Data Integration with FME

In this webinar see how FME supports integration pipelines for Big Data.

You will see how easy it is for FME to connect to Big Data systems and how it supports both structured and unstructured data in any location.

We will also show how these data flowlines can be automated using FME Flow and can be easily scaled up to support large updates.

Sisense 2022 Release Highlights

In this webinar you will see the latest in functionality that was released on Sisense in 2022 including:

  • New administration screens for simpler administration.
  • Report manager for sharing static reports to non sisense users.
  • Sisense Git Integration.
  • Build to Destination (B2D) which lets the Data Modeler build the logic directly into a corporate data warehouse.

See these new features and many more.

Data Quality with FME Webinar

In this webinar see how FME can improve your data quality. Data is your organisations most valuable asset, and decisions based on bad data can lead to bad decisions and a lack of trust in your insights. 

During this presentation see how FME can detect and repair data quality issues. You will also see how FME can be used to provide data preparation and data stewardship to ensure only quality data is used to deliver quality insights.

Data Pipelines with FME Webinar

In this webinar see how FME can rapidly onboard new data sources for analytic insights. FME supports 100’s of data sources and can rapidly load data to cloud data warehouses such as Google Big Query, Snowflake and Amazon Redshift. 

This webinar will illustrate how easy it is to rapidly create data pipelines to extract and load data from any location into a single cloud data warehouse to ensure no enterprise data will be left inaccessible to users, or worst yet, unused.

Sisense Fusion Embed Webinar

In this webinar see how Sisense Fusion Embed can add value to your existing analytic offerings for faster adoption and an improved customer experience.

This webinar will present on how Fusion Embed can:

  • Seamlessly integrate analytics to your product or service.
  • Customise your analytics offering to suit your application.
  • Deploy in the cloud or on-prem while ensuring the security of your solution.


Actionable Analytics with Sisense

In this webinar you will see how with Sisense you can get actionable insights where you most need them.

During the first part of the webinar, we will give an overview of Sisense BloX. Sisense BloX makes it easier than ever to create custom actionable analytic applications from complex data, by leveraging powerful prebuilt templates to integrate application-like functionality into dashboards. 

The second part of the webinar will cover Sisense Infusion Apps. Sisense Infusion Apps are for users who spend most of their time outside of their BI

Sisense Notebooks Integration

This webinar provides an overview of Sisense Notebooks and demonstrates how this feature gives Data Analysts the tools they need to conduct advanced analysis, which ultimately increases efficiency and productivity.

Build Extensible Insights With Sisense

In this webinar we demonstrate how you can infuse analytics beyond the dashboard and explore additional dimensions of your data with Sisense.

Zero to Dashboard in 12 Weeks

DataBuilders Data Intelligence platform comprises of market leading partner solutions, wrapped up by IMGS into a unique single cloud-based platform.

Our approach is to deliver a complete cloud-based analytics platform with full data integration, data warehouse and embedded dashboards, which provide real time insights inside enterprise solutions and/or customer facing applications.

This webinar will provide an overview of the solution and how this can be delivered within a 12 week period, to decrease customer IT overheads and extract real value from data analytics. 

Infuse Data Analytics Everywhere with Sisense

Find out what Sisense can do for your in our webinar “Infuse Data Analytics Everywhere with Sisense”.

  • This session covers a wide variety of topics including: Simplifying big data analysis using elastic cube and live models.
  • Bringing in customised AI-powered experiences to dashboards and infusing them into your product/ business.

Migrate to the Cloud with DataBuilders

In this webinar you learn how DataBuilders can power your move from on premise data to the cloud. We will show how Talend Data Studio can migrate on premise legacy relational data to a cloud data warehouse – Snowflake.
We also demonstrate how Talend’s remote engine capability can provide a hybrid approach and ensure sensitive data can remain on premise, while still taking advantage of cloud processing power.