DataBuilders Data Intelligence Platform

What is Data Intelligence?

Data intelligence refers to all the analytical tools and methods companies employ to form a better understanding of the information they collect to improve their services or investments. It involves the transformation of raw data into ripe, trustworthy, and reliable information, that can be easily used and interpreted.

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What Can DataBuilders Data Intelligence Platform Do For You?

Wherever you are in your data journey, DataBuilders have the expertise and solutions to align with your business goals and create a single source of truth granting YOU access to the full power of your data. Through our strategic partnerships with industry leading BI/ data intelligence tools; Talend, Snowflake and Sisense, we’ve curated a complete, 360 degree, data solution with the ability to scale with you as you grow.

Talend offers industry leading open source and commercial versions of a data management platform.  All of these solutions are architectured and designed to prepare, transform and govern your data in a low code environment.  Talend provides this through a single, unified platform for data integration, data integrity, data governance, and real-time data delivery.


Snowflake is a fully managed SaaS that provides a single platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and secure sharing and consumption of real-time/ shared data.  Scale up or down seamlessly, as and when you need it, to help manage costs and performance peaks.

Sisense is a leading business intelligence (BI) software platform that offers a host of benefits to its users. You can use it to collect information from all your sources and unify them into a single repository.  The app’s powerful visual reports can be used to generate smart analysis using Machine learning (ML) and AI and easily share insights across your team or embedded into customer-facing apps.  Sisense is a robust and flexible tool that offers no-code, drag and drop features, to full-code functions in Python R and SQL to satisfy the capabilities and desired outcomes of any team.

What Can DataBuilders Data Intelligence Platform Do For You?

Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director IMGS and Scott Gamester, VP Platforms and Data, Diaceutics PLC discuss the Diaceutics data platform (with Snowflake data warehouse) and how they are currently using Sisense for data analytics and future plans.

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DataBuilders Data Intelligence Platform

Embedded Analytics

DataBuilders can deliver a complete cloud-based analytics platform with full data integration, data warehouse and embedded dashboards, which provide real time insights inside enterprise solutions and/or customer facing applications.