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Talend End to End Data Integration & Data Management

Talend Data Fabric combines data integration, data integrity, and data governance in a single, low-code platform that works with virtually any data source and data architecture.

Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Fabric brings together in a single platform all the necessary capabilities that ensure enterprise data is complete, clean, compliant and readily available to everyone who needs it throughout the organisation.  It simplifies all aspects of working with data for analysis and use, driving critical business outcomes.

Talend Data Fabric is the only platform that seamlessly combines an extensive range of data integration and governance capabilities to actively manage the health of corporate information.  This unified approach is unique and essential to delivering complete, clean and uncompromised data in real-time to all employees.  It has made it possible to create innovations like the Talend Trust Score™, and industry first assessment that instantly quantities the reliability of any data set.

DataBuilders & Talend

As specialists in data migration, quality, and integrations solutions, DataBuilders have seen first-hand the increasing demand for businesses to leverage their data assets and allow them to make critical business decisions.  DataBuilders are very proud to be partners with Talend, a leader in data integration and data integrity. Talend enables every company to find clarity amidst the chaos.

From Domino’s to L’Oréal, over 4,250 organizations across the globe rely on Talend to deliver exceptional customer experiences, make smarter decisions in the moment, drive innovation, and improve operations. Talend has been recognized as a leader in its field by leading analyst firms and industry publications including Forbes, InfoWorld and SD Times.  

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