Sisense Infusion Apps

Decisions are Better Informed when they're Informed by Data

Sisense Infusion Apps bring a more approachable solution to knowledge workers, backed by the power of Sisense Fusion.

Where you use Office 365, Teams, Google Workspace or Slack, a simple NLQ interface fetches, analyses and delivers critical insights right where you work.  This is data democratisation at work.

Share actionable insights and data in the productivity and collaboration tools used daily. Users unlock opportunities – without having to go to a dashboard.

Sisense Infusion Apps

Sisense Infusion Apps User Benefits

Sharing data through Infusion Apps enables employees outside the BI, Analytics, and Data teams to use company data to make better business decisions. Employees can see the data when they need it in applications that they already know and use daily.

Eliminate Barriers

Infusion Apps improve access to data by delivering information to everyone through the business tools used regularly, eliminating the skill barriers that lock data away in specialised BI environments.

  • Reduce dependence on data teams or dashboards for information and generic analysis.
  • Skip the CSV export, and access live data delivered directly to Microsoft Office 365, Google Sheets and Slides, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.
  • Explore data through Viewpoints, Personal Bookmarks, and Natural Language Queries.

Drive Insights

Stop wasting time consolidating disparate dashboards and locating reports. Infusion Apps bring the data directly to you, the knowledge worker and expert in your field, to expose what is important for the business. 

Examine data in your favourite tools based on your specialty and point of view.

Explore ad-hoc questions in context using NLQ, filters and charts.

Discover insights that can drive improvements in your area of expertise.

Makes Decisions

Share insights and discuss options to reach consensus on important decisions. Consistent, repeatable and trustworthy analysis is easy with Infusion Apps. The same data powering BI teams is now accessible to all – beyond the dashboard. 

Debate what to do, not which numbers are right, with a single source of truth for everyone.

Make the most impact with decisions made on current trends, not old data.

Trust decisions made based-on data that is governed, standardised, and managed.

FME Data Integration

Become Data Literate

Organisations and teams perform their best when everyone is looking at the same numbers. Infusion Apps let users explore the data and understand the insights, together.

Bring transparency to discussion and decision-making with data.

Update routine reports and presentations with a simple data refresh.

Increase data literacy at every level of the business.

Application Provider Benefits

Application providers can share curated data through Infusion Apps to reach new users and expand use cases. In addition, vendors can increase customer retention and turn renewals into expansion discussions with Infusion Apps for OEMs.

Expand Seats and Data Usage

Reach users, through data, that might never log in. Delivering information to new users through productivity and collaboration tools they use daily attracts managers, leaders, and adjacent roles who otherwise may never sign up. Current users engaging with data in shared environments can find insights that will bring them back into your application searching for more.

Break out of team silos and reach new users in adjacent groups or across the company.

Add users and use cases beyond the core application to increase value.

Create new reasons for users to log in directly and explore what your offer.

Increase Retention

Providing frictionless data exploration and reporting experiences to users across a company ensures your solution is embedded in everyone’s daily work always top of mind. Wide exposure and strong value lead to higher retention levels.

Inject data into decision tools and workflows where they are needed the most.

Provide a frictionless experience for everyone wanting to explore and share data.

Expose targeted data with NLQ in tools consumers use daily.

Smooth Renewals

Broad use of your differentiated product at all levels of an organisation increases the visibility of a software vendor’s solution. With visibility and demonstrated value, renewal conversations can be focused on expansion plans, not downsizing or replacement.

Engage everyone from Executives to individual contributors in data you deliver through Infusion Apps for OEMs

Establish broader brand presence across your customers’ organisations

Command higher price points with differentiated products because companies pay for tools that provide significant, recognised value.

Infusion Apps for Sisense

The Infusion Apps for Sisense are the fastest way to work with data in the tools you already use. With Sisense, you can unlock insights – without having to go to a dashboard.