Sisense Fusion Embed

Drive Faster Adoption & Improve Customer Experiences

Add value to existing offerings for faster adoption and an improved customer experience with Sisense Fusion Embed.

  • Seamlessly embed analytics into your product or service.
  • Customise the analytics functionality to suit your application.
  • Deploy securely in the cloud.
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The Complete Package For Every Embedded Analytics Use Case

Deliver a Seamless Brand Experience

Style your analytics to deliver a consistent look and feel for your products, regardless of your embedding method. Modify the icons, images, texts, and email templates to suit your brand with just a few clicks—or use your own libraries.

Data Connectors

Connect Data From Anywhere

Scale and complexity shouldn’t be a concern as your solution grows. Connect cloud, in-application and on-premises data for an AI-led 360° view. 

Augment with AI and Machine Learning

Use built-in, code-first statistical and predictive analysis libraries and ML technologies to uncover future opportunities and outcomes. Access forward-looking insights by simply typing a question—no tech expertise required. Quickly describe with natural language narratives to ensure everyone understands even the most complex analysis.

Augment AI
Infuse Intelligence

Infuse Intelligence With Embedded Analytics

Leverage robust embedding capabilities. From iFrames and APIs to infusion apps for OEMs and SDKs, deliver unique data experiences anywhere. Unlock the power of AI to augment data prep and deliver insights automatically.

Secure Analytics in a Flexible Environment

Integrate analytics directly into your products, regardless of your tech stack. Deploy on any cloud with a single- or multi-tenant architecture, and retain complete control with end-to-end governance and security—fully automatable via extensive APIs..

Secure Analytics
Delivery Analytics

Build Analytics Seamlessly Through GIT

Just like your code, your analytics should be developed with agile best practices. Sisense Fusion Embed works natively with Git, letting you build, test, and release analytics the same way you develop your software: with total control over branching strategy, CI/CD methodology, and release processes.

Harness The Power of Fusion

Integrate customised analytics into your applications and products to make insights intuitive and user-friendly with Sisense Fusion Embed. Boost product engagement, adoption, and retention with the AI-driven predictive analytics platform built for business success.  Infuse analytics into everyday applications and workflows to drive better, faster decisions, for your business and your customers.