Sisense Fusion Cloud

Invest in the Future of your Data & Analytics Strategy

Unlock the power of your data strategy now and in the future with the Sisense cloud analytics platform innovations.  

Expediate Feature shipping.

Improved collaboration and customised governance.

Highly secure delivery of analytics.


Sisense Cloud is a comprehensive service that ensures organisations get maximum value with minimum effort. It provides a secure, high-performance BI environment that enables organisations to focus on their businesses and high level BI results, all without having to manage the technical aspects of deploying a Business Intelligence project. Sisense Cloud is an upgraded experience, known for being the most scalable, performant, and agile version of Sisense available.

Invest in the Future of your Data and Analytics Strategy

Data Technology is advancing at a rate that surpasses even the wildest dreams of industry experts, reinventing business intelligence on a daily basis.  Data visualisations were just the beginning.  Now, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data sharing and other complex services have become essential elements when building a robust analytics platform.  The implementation of these services in a cloud analytics platform can help all companies revolutionise their data strategies.

Unlimited Scalability

Scalability and agility are huge benefits of the Sisense CloudAdd users, data and projects in a predictable and consistent way on-demandAccelerate your projects by months and understand cost benefits up front while planning for the futureThe Sisense Cloud constantly evolves as you grow which means more data, faster queries, superior cloud BI and better insights for your team. 

Seamless Collaboration

Break down the silos and complexities of data sharing and collaboration across your departments and projects with cloud analytics.  The Sisense Cloud integrates with your data and access control applications for governance and solves the toughest cross-system data coloration problems, making your teams more informed and more efficient.

Hassle Free Maintenance

Say goodbye to concerns around maintenance and uptimeThe Sisense Cloud guarantees these as part of the serviceRetain full control of system upgrade frequency and testing while allowing the experts to manage the burden, monitoring and scale for you. 

Feature Prioritisation

In this world of rapid change, new features and services ship faster than ever before.  Stay on top of the latest and greatest innovations on the Sisense Cloud.  Let your cloud data analytics strategy evolve in an environment that is built for innovation

Secure Environment

In any cloud environment, security is always a priority.  Sisense Cloud is no different.  The Sisense Information Security program is based on and aligned with industry-standard frameworks.

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