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DataBuilders & DataGalaxy join forces
to advance Data Governance Solutions on the Island of Ireland

Dublin, 17th August 2023 – DataBuilders, a leading provider of data insights and analytics solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with DataGalaxy, an innovative company specialising in metadata management and enterprise data governance.  This collaboration brings together DataBuilders’ market leading data integration and analytics solutions FME and Sisense with DataGalaxy’s cutting-edge agile data mapping platform.

This collaboration between DataBuilders and DataGalaxy comes at a time when organisations across various sectors are increasingly realising the importance of implementing proper data governance practices to ensure compliance, improve data quality and enhance decision-making processes.

“I am really excited about  our partnership with DataGalaxy which builds on our existing market-leading integration and analytics solutions in Safe Software, FME and Sisense Fusion.  DataGalaxy allows enterprises to capture and manage metadata and ensure proper enterprise data governance, which is a critical requirement today”, Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director, DataBuilders.

By integrating DataGalaxy’s advanced metadata management capabilities into their existing suite of solutions, DataBuilders enhances its ability to offer end-to-end data governance and analytics solutions to its customers.  Enterprises can now seamlessly capture and manage metadata, enabling effective governance and compliance measures, while leveraging the power of DataBuilders integration and analytics solutions, and ultimately deliver significant business outcomes.

For more information please contact:

Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director, DataBuilders & IMGS   


Régis Charigon, Channel Manager, DataGalaxy

About DataBuilders:

Data Intelligence and information is at the core of what DataBuilders does. DataBuilders provide solutions to automate data flows, visualise information and build data insights to drive business value.  

DataBuilders delivers a complete data insights platform with full data integration, data governance and embedded analytics, which provide real time insights inside enterprise solutions and/or customer facing applications.

Through their strategic partnerships with industry leading solutions: Safe Software, Sisense and DataGalaxy, DataBuilders have curated a governed data insights solution for organisations who want to become data driven.


About DataGalaxy:

DataGalaxy is the industry’s first Data Knowledge Catalogue helping organisations understand how their entire business runs on data. An established leader in Europe and growing rapidly to operate worldwide, DataGalaxy offers a user-centric platform dedicated to metadata mapping, active metadata management, and metadata knowledge sharing. Trusted by 120+ leading brands including Dior, Sephora and TotalEnergies, DataGalaxy helps businesses of all sizes gain control over their data assets and make better, more informed decisions, thanks to an innovative approach to data governance and cataloguing.