Press Release

1st February, 2023

Irish Owned IMGS GIS Business
Launches New DataBuilders Brand

DataBuilders Conference Team Photo

IMGS started business in 2002  as a GIS or Geographic (location based) solutions provider, but in the last three years they expanded their customers offerings to include market leading data analytics and integration.  This expansion prompted the recent development of the new “DataBuilders” brand, which is a sub brand of IMGS, and is focused on delivering their Data Intelligence solutions into new markets, following a number of significant new wins.

“With the explosion of big data in recent years, we have already seen the enormous potential for organisations that want to become data driven across the enterprise and benefit from trustworthy, reliable, and actionable data.  We are really excited about this area of our business and how we can help organisations transition to a data driven culture,” Ciaran Kirk, Operations Director.

DataBuilders delivers an end to end analytics platform with full data integration, data warehouse and embedded dashboards, which provide real time insights inside enterprise solutions and/or customer facing applications.

Through DataBuilder’s partnerships with industry leading platforms; Safe Software, Talend, Snowflake and Sisense, DataBuilders will be able to deliver true digital transformation for their customers.

“DataBuilders have a fantastic team to draw on from the IMGS Group, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and fantastic customer support that we provide throughout the lifecycle of each project, to drive real change in our customers,” Aoibhinn Stuart, Delivery Director.

For more information about the DataBuilders platform and what they can do for your organisation please contact:

Conor McIntyre, Business Development Executive, DataBuilders.   E-mail:

About DataBuilders:

The DataBuilders brand was born in late 2022,  primarily to put a focus on the Data Intelligence arm of the business.  DataBuilders became a sub-brand of IMGS with its own identity and clientele.

Data Intelligence and information are at the core of what DataBuilders does.  DataBuilders provide solutions to automate data flows, visualise information and build data insights to drive business value.


About IMGS:

IMGS is an intelligence company founded in 2002, and in the 21 years since their inception they have developed a proven pedigree in GIS data management, supporting over one hundred customers across the island of Ireland from utilities, telecommunications, defence, and local and central government.